Terms Of Service


The Facilities are monitored 24 hours per day, and 7 days per week.

Response time

RackAfrica guarantees a response time of 1 hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Resolution and repair times vary, and are therefore not covered under this Service Level Agreement.


RackAfrica warrants that the Facilities will be operational 99.8% of the time. The following Penalty Clauses come into effect if RackAfrica does not comply with the Services described in the Services Agreement:

Nr. of Incidents per month

Amount to be credited

1 Incident


2 – 4 Incidents


5 Incidents or more





If after 12 months the network has not been available for the required 99.8%, then the following penalty clause applies:

Availability (12 months)

Amount to be credited

99.8% or more


From 99.5% up to 99.8%


From 99.0% up to 99.5%


Less than 99.0%





These Penalty Clauses do not apply for:

§  Scheduled Downtime or Scheduled Maintenance Window;

§  Downtime caused by Customer, its agents or employees;

§  Downtime that resulted from modifications or changes of the operating system, database, application code or other customer code, not provided by RackAfrica.

§  Malicious interference (e.g. hacks, denial of service attacks, viruses) by any third party.

§  Events of force majeure, including acts of war, god, earthquake, flood, embargo, riot, labour dispute, sabotage, government act, or failure of the Internet.

§  Unavailability of Customer Equipment caused by failures of third party systems or services that are not under RackAfrica’s control.

Customer must be current on all outstanding invoices as defined in the Services Agreement to be eligible for the credits referenced in this Service Level Agreement. No credits will be extended if Customer is delinquent in its payment of outstanding invoices.