Create your optimal IT infrastructure without any up-front investment.

Take advantage of our high-end IT infrastructure with a virtual server. Even though it is not a physical server in the traditional sense, a virtual server has the same specifications as a physical server, such as processors, RAM, hard disk space and bandwidth.  Virtualisation guarantees you the performance of a physical server without the associated investment. The use of a virtual server results in optimal use of the hardware, and therefore a drastically reduced cost.

Fail-over Technology

A main advantage of using a virtual server is that it becomes independent from the physical server on which the services are running. When there is a problem with the physical server your virtual server can be started up on a different hosting server in the Managed Cluster. Even when the server goes down, your website or web application will continue running.

Data Storage and Backups

The data used for your website or web application is stored within the Storage Area Network of the Data Centre. Furthermore we offer backups of your data in the Cloud.

Server Software

Our server is not a physical server in the traditional sense of the word, but does behave like one. Any server or application software can be installed as if it were a physical server. RackAfrica can provide you with Windows Server software, so that you don’t have to purchase the software. Within the rental agreement you will always have access to the latest version of the software.