Turnkey Solution

The Data Centre Solutions of RackAfrica are an integral part of the efficient running of an enterprise. RackAfrica gives a lot of attention to the data center solutions, as they form the core of growing business activities in organizations.

The deployment of high-density blade servers and storage devices in the data centers are so made so that they are able to handle these workloads that has resulted in spiraling rates of power consumption and heat generation. Therefore the implementation of a robust, integrated infrastructure to handle these demands and also to support future data center growth is now more critical than ever. Business priorities can be balanced with power, cooling, and structured cabling practicalities to develop an integrated comprehensive data center support system. This capacity planning process optimizes network investment by ensuring reliable performance now and the flexibility to scale up for future business and technology requirements. Therefore our aim is to provide long term sustainability for our customers, helping us in having a positive impact on the business of our clients.

RackAfrica infrastructure provides robust and scalable solution for data center projects and its management. RackAfrica takes turnkey data center projects and make the state of art environment friendly facilities which helps customer to make its data center more efficient both aesthetically and technically. This is done by using the best industrial practices which follow the followings norms:

Capacity Planning

Decisions regarding data center design and future growth increasingly center on power, cooling, and space management. The collective awareness of these issues is defined as capacity planning. The effective deployment and management of these core resources allows the data center to operate efficiently and scale up as required. With effective capacity planning tools we are able to assess the physical capacities of our server, its storage capacities, backup facilities and data recovery solutions. By having this data in hand we are able to provide you with the infrastructural designs that are most apt for your organizations


A reliable infrastructure is comprised of adequate power and cooling capacity, effective bonding and grounding of system elements and pathways that protect, route and manage the structured cabling. By using robust systems comprised of quality components and materials, you can minimize network interruptions and maximize uptime and business continuity.


The high cost of operating a data center is a reality in today’s competitive business world. Facilities managers have responsibility for a substantial portion of the annual data center operating costs. Effective deployment of facilities infrastructure resources is directly connected to annual cost savings and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). In order to remain within the stipulated budgets of our clients, we ensure that we take an interactive approach to the services that we provide. We try to gauge the present investment status of the company, the stakeholders’ information and the objectives that our clients are trying to meet. After doing proper circumstantial budgetary evaluations, we choose the most appropriate technologies for our clients. These ensure that the data centre solutions provided by us are able to optimize all the current processes of the company. Thereby helping our clients achieve substantially on cost.  


Traditionally the focus of the facilities manager has been, “Is it in place and functional?” However, the data center represents a very high financial investment, with value residing in both functionality and aesthetics. Today’s data centers have become showcase areas to demonstrate to customers a visually appealing reflection of the company image. In this sense, facilities managers are expected to maintain an infrastructure that is highly professional in appearance.

The solutions provided by RackAfrica are so geared that they help the clients incorporate data centre solutions in an effective manner so that they are able to leverage the cloud services, and also  ensure secured mobility and safety of data. Our ability to provide for the most reliable solutions with state of the art technology backing ensures optimum levels of customer satisfaction and enhanced overall experience with our customers. With the infrastructural efficiencies imparted by us we are able to ensure that our teams are able to deliver as per the high quality standards of RackAfrica and thereby giving a competitive edge to all our customers.

RackAfrica's turnkey solution offers following advantages,

Rapid Development

There is a single point of contact when working with one company, as compared to a number of contacts when working with multiple vendors.


Our prices are very competitive in the market.

Easy Administration

Working with one company means there is one point of contact for billing & support.

Guranteed Price

The variation in economy dosen't affect your pricing, allowing you for fixed annual budget.

High Level Technology Capabilities Not Required

The RackAfrica builds the entire site, so there is no need for you to hire high-level of technical staff.