Online Backup & Recovery

The online backup service is web-based and comes with following features:
  • Fast – Backup in minutes with Server Backup Manager using continuous data protection
  • Multi-tenant secured – Multi-tenant policies retain secured separation between customers
  • Multi-platform – Windows, Linux, Physical and Virtual environments
  • Flexible Data Recovery – From single files to a bare metal restore
  • NEW! Disk Safe Replication – Online replication for offsite storage
The software service
can back up Windows, Linux and virtual machines via an online administration dashboard. It provides enterprise-level server backups as well as backup solutions for managed service providers. If your backup needs are critical, software can run backups as often as every five minutes. It performs full disk imaging, bare metal restores and data encryption. The online dashboard is extremely clean and functional, and it can be up and running within minutes.This server backup software allows you to configure retention policies and schedule backups as often as necessary.Through the dashboard, admins can easily manage groups, policies, reports, users and recovery points. Since the management dashboard is online, admins can monitor the status of their backups and possible issues from anywhere at any time.